Iconolab S.A Iconolab S.A iconolab is a creative consulting agency focused on technology innovation for marketing purposes.

The goal of iconolab is to explore new audience interactions mixing content and technology tools in an academic and interdisciplinary environment.


Our vision is that the interaction between brands and their audiences is a powerful interactive experience through the use of the innovative mix of technology, media and narrative tools.


Our mission is to develop new communication channels based on high technology and to be leaders in marketing technology services for agencies and corporations.

Academic Approach

The entertainment field is not considered a "serious" area of study, although it encompasses 30% of our lives and an industry of 30 billion dollars. Here at iconolab we intend to research how to create new narrative processes, communication tools, and interactions aggregating elements of design, computer science, and social psychology.

Culture There are certain ideas that support our model:

1. "Experience" is better than "entertainment": We prefer a spontaneous experience that connects with the audience, that is interactive and memorable, to a mere "spectacle" that is static and pre-fabricated. This experiencie should be as simple and frictionless as possible.

2. There is a saturation of traditional media. The Marketing Science Institute reports that in certain cases a 100% increase in marketing expenditures on primetime yields a 1% increase in sales. UCLA research indicates that only 5% of the audience really pays attention to tv advertising. We believe it is imperative to create new communication channels.

3. CrossMedia: The sum of interconnected actions through different media is extremely powerful, much more so than just having a brand advertised. Audience should be encouraged to play, publish and navigate through media seamlessly.

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